Why Choose Montessori?

Montessori vs Traditional Education

The goal of both Montessori and traditional educational settings is the same:  a philosophical dedication to the optimum development of the child.  The difference lies in the kinds of learning experiences each school provides and the methods they use to accomplish this goal.

Montessori Techniques Compared To Traditional Educational

Multi age group vs. children grouped according to age
Teacher has an unobtrusive role vs. teacher is the center of the class
Children learn from peer, self-correcting materials vs. Teacher correcting “errors”
Children are encouraged to teach and help others vs. most teaching done by teacher
Children choose own work according to developmental needs vs. a structured curriculum regardless of developmental stage
Children discover own concepts, self-teaching materials vs. being guided by teacher
Child sets up own learning pace vs. instruction pace is set by group
Multi-sensory materials for exploration vs. few materials incorporating more than one modality of learning
Organized program for learning care of self and environment vs. no organized program for self-care or environment

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