About Our School

The Montessori School of Schenectady is a non-denominational, nonprofit, educational corporation, founded in 1968 by parents who wanted the Montessori educational approach for their children. The school’s objective is to give each child the tools necessary to reach their highest potential.

Enrollments are accepted without regard to race, religion, or national origin.

About Our Programs

Preschool Program:

Our day begins with a group time where we discuss the calendar, weather and the days events.  Children are then dismissed to work and teachers begin giving “lessons” to the students.  These lessons are typically 1:1 or in a small group.  The expectations of the child is based on their individual abilities.Teachers utilize the interests of the students and Sensitive Periods to gain the optimal outcome while teaching.  Following our work time the class will participate in a second circle time. This is a time for teachers to discuss Science and Geography units, develop Spanish skills, sing and play games to reinforce the lessons.  We end each day with story followed by some outdoor recess.


math-tools reading classroom-table 

Toddler Program:

Our day begins with circle time where we sing songs, talk about the weather, etc. We then begin our work time where children are guided to appropriate activities by our teachers. Following work time is a gross motor play time. As with our Preschool program we try to go outside every day that weather permits. Snack is done family style in the Toddler program and is followed by a story/song time.

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