Reading to your child

Creating a Reading Friendly Environment

  • Read and write around your child.
  • Set up a reading corner or special space for your child to read.
  • Choose a wide variety of beautiful books for your child to read or look at.
  • Make books and writing tools accessible to your child.

How to read a book to your child…

  • Show delight and enthusiasm as you read.
  • Try to read to your child each day.
  • Find a time when you and the child are relaxed and interested in reading.
  • Let your child choose the books and pages to read.
  • Point to the pictures as you talk about them.
  • Let your child hold the book and turn the pages.

How to choose a good book…

  • Stories should be appropriate for the child’s age level.
  • Pictures should be clear with not too many objects on a page.
  • Stories should be for pleasure and fun, but include educational books, too.
  • Books should help add new works to the child’s vocabulary.