Application and Forms

Admissions Forms

All forms needed for the admissions process may be found on this page in PDF format. Simply print, fill out and submit the forms associated with the program in which you wish to enroll your child.


MSS Admissions Application 
Emergency Medical Consent
Dismissal Authorization
Photo Release
Sunscreen Permission
Parent Contact Form
School Field Trip Permission
Special Health Care Needs Form (if applicable)
Toilet Training Notice

NYS_Attestation -A required form due to COVID-19.  Each student must have a signed copy on file with the school before attending classes.

Your child’s doctor must complete the attached OCFS Child in Care Medical Form.  We can no longer accept alternate forms.



Effective June 13, 2019, there is no longer a religious exemption to the requirement that children be vaccinated against measles and other diseases to attend public, private or child care settings.  Your child must be vaccinated with the required vaccinations according to this new law, to attend our program.  For questions or clarification, please visit the NYS Department of Health website. 


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