Spring Break Travel Reminders

Just a reminder about Spring Break Travel

If you plan to travel during the break please make sure to check the NYS website for up to date travel information.  As of April 1, there will no longer be a mandatory quarantine period after returning from travel in the US. We suggest you monitor your child closely for symptoms and keep them child home should anyone in your family become ill.  Travel outside of the US does require a 14 day quarantine period.  These restrictions change frequently so please make sure to check before returning to school, as a precaution, should you have traveled.

Exciting New Summer Program

Application due date has been extended!


Has your child been learning from home this past school year, either virtually or homeschooled?  Have they been missing that classroom interaction?  Will they be entering kindergarten or first grade in the fall?  If you answered yes to these questions, then we have an exciting new opportunity for you!  We are offering a new program for the summer called Ready Set School with the goal is to get your child ready for their first classroom experience.  We will offer a safe, child centered program to foster social emotional skills, academic skills and an overall comfort of being away from home.

This program is open to currently enrolled Montessori students and non-Montessori students.  You do not need to be a currently enrolled student to be considered for this program.  If you are interested, please call or email the school for an application.  We can be reached at 518-384-0074 or onefamilymontessori@gmail.com.  Contact us today, space is limited.